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South of 63 24´S 56 59´W   1 comment

You see the Beagle? He extended the finger and pointed. You follow it west to the end, then turn left, straight down south, keep Cape Hoorn on your right hand. You´ll clean yourself from the most human and the most urban on the Drake. Don´t be alert, it´s a soothing katharsis.

Then tell Ernesto to turn the tip to the Weddell sea where the mighty got lost and those high in spirit played ball. Through unsurveyed waters where the horizon seizes to exist. The southern the better.

Free your eyes from the lens, let Antarctica flow and it may reach your soul. Ernest discovered that almost a century ago. For no photo will reflect the atemporality and space you would feel and grasp.  The captain ordered the helmsman who dully repeated, south of 63 24´S and 56 59´W.


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