Ksana-mana (…yet again)   2 comments

Just because. Did you actually solve the riddle? Did you find any answers? Any other smart questions? I didn’t really think so. SOB! In the meantime, fractally a lot has happened. The commemoration of Alexis’ death (on the 40th day, according to the script), some 1500ppl died, yet again isolated events, somewhere else now, it doesn’t matter, more people die here and there, there is always someone that “screws up” and might not even admit, ah well, people perish, parish perishes, some pedophiles got arrested in Greece (major As), the SWAT has become a regular truth, I scream for ice-cream and all these niceys.

In the meantime I am back in my favourite ME, Oman this time. Sarkozy is coming today, so everything is blocked, although the policemen are more watching out for Carla than anything else, helicopters swirl and the bloody rooster next door that starts even before the morning prayer; today it will be shot at, with a plastic straw and some plastic dough. I had a great colonial experience the other day, I think we should have been beheaded, but apparently the barbwire and the wall was tall enough. Sad but true. When can I enjoy guilt-free my ride in a super car going to a 5-star hotel with my most favourite of all men, so high in spirit, they truly are, but I can’t let go sometimes, sometimes I see the waste and me, I am the waste. Hmmm.

I was really planning to talk about food. I mean, this was supposed to be a food-recipe diary. Alas. Inshallah one of the next days. I would rather go back to the sea for a night swim with all the little fluorescent plankton around and the moon going right through, silver coin on the sandy bottom.

And…cut! Ah, did I mention? You should watch Fixer: The Taking of Ajmal Naqshbandi. Don’t forget!


Posted Tuesday, 10 February, 2009 by piperi in Eid Mubarak Mr. President!, Gut feeling, Διαφήμιση

2 responses to “Ksana-mana (…yet again)

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  1. First blog I read after wakeup from sleep today!

    Are you tension? panic?

  2. Was it good really? The sleep, the waking up, the post, the day, the night that followed… was it?

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