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You know it is very difficult to get a foreign girlfriend. Exactly. Tourist girls come, stay two, three, four days, you have no time to work on them, then they go. You need at least twenty days for the easiest one. That’s why I am telling you. I am better off with persian girlfriend. Foreign girlfriend, too much trouble. Too much. They come, stay here a little, they go. Iranian girls much easier. Easier. That’s whay I am telling you. Since you can’t have persian boyfriend, at least have persian carpet! My shop is here, come, come, come for tea… No problem, looking is for free…


Posted Thursday, 4 December, 2008 by piperi in Uncategorized

3 responses to “Carpet seller

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  1. Please bring me a carpet. The flying kind!

  2. funny entry, what is the carpet store?

  3. Hi DD, welcome! The photo is from the store of the very -should I say too much?- hospitable Hamid. The other one, ehmmm, I did not try it really. It is somewhere at the end of the southwest alley at the Imam Khomeini Sq.

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